I’m Kerri, and I’m a wife, mom to two young girls, and business owner. 

I’ve been the mom who felt like she was drowning daily, and I have found a way to resurface and thrive. I’m now on a mission to empower fellow mommas to achieve the same.

It brings me true joy helping moms create a life they love focused on what matters most to them.

Family, faith, personal development, and health are a few of my priorities.  What about you?  Book a FREE strategy call to get started!


I dedicate time in the morning to set a positive tone and intention for the day. 

It does not take much time to deepen my faith, strengthen my mindset, and invest in other forms of self-care in the morning. 

This important time I invest allows for me to show up as a better version of myself as a wife, mom, friend, and other roles I have. 

Do you have a morning routine? 

If not, I can help you create and implement one in a strategic way so that you don’t give up on the goal after a week!


Fridays are the day I take inventory of what we have in the pantry, fridge, and freezer to plan out the meals for the next week. 

I utilize my Meal Planning Trello Board to choose recipes, upload new recipes, and develop grocery lists so that I have a plan for feeding our family. 

Choose what works best for you as far as preparing the food, but I choose to batch cook the recipes for the week on Sundays. 

Meal planning and batch cooking saves me time, money, and my sanity when it comes to food throughout the week, and I’d love to teach you the method and help you develop a routine that fits your family!


I quickly learned that a solid morning routine relies on a solid evening routine. 

It takes just a few minutes for me to review the day and plan for the next day, then I have habits in place that feed my soul, strengthen relationships, and accomplish my desire to learn and grow. 

These habits are journaling, gratitude practice, time with my husband, reading time, and nightly self-care routines.  Do you end the night feeling frazzled and drained? 

I can help you create, implement, and sustain an evening routine that meets your needs where you feel calmer and more at peace before your head hits the pillow!

The above routines are just a few that I’ve created that utilize priority-based habits to reach my goals (more joy is high on the list)! 

Let me help you overcome feeling overwhelmed and find more joy and purpose!

I utilize my passion for and experience in improved overall well-being to help moms thrive! 

  • I have a Bachelor’s of Business Administration (BBA) in Corporate Finance.  Is budgeting a routine you’d like help with?  I have skills to help you!
  • I also have a Master’s of Science (MS) in Health Promotion and Wellness Management.  Do you have fitness or other health-related goals?  I have education and experience as a fitness trainer and wellness manager! 
  • Prior to establishing Kerri Thompson, LLC, I worked as a Wellness Manager for the Springfield-Greene County Park Board,  Project Manager for a public relations agency, and the last six years leading up to Kerri Thompson, LLC, I was a Health Educator at the Knox County Health Department.

Not only do I have a personal passion to live my best life with more joy and intention, but I also have the professional skills and experience to help you!

Book a call with me

I would love to get to know you better by having you book a call with me. 

The process is easy and will allow for us to talk through some of your pain points and determine if working together would be a good fit!

I believe that every mom brings a unique personality to this world and to motherhood, with a variety of talents, passions, and tendencies, therefore, I believe it’s important to keep these unique characteristics in mind when developing routines and habits to find joy. 

Let’s talk about your priorities and what’s getting in the way of living your best life!  Click below to book a call!