The Power of Affirmations

Have you tried and failed with positive affirmations? Are you looking for an easier way to implement this proven strategy? Affirmations are a self-help strategy to promote self-confidence and belief in your own worth and abilities. Positive affirmations can be a tool to help you shift your mindset, BUT they are not instantaneous or some …

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Goal Check-In

Goals Check-In

Is it time for you to check in on the goals you made for yourself? First off, let’s review three components of a goal. I am 100% committed to ________________ (the specific goal). I care about this goal because _____________ (thought or emotion behind the goal). I will achieve this goal by __________________ (action, which …

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Daily Reflections

Simple questions to reflect on your day using an easy strategy that will help you learn and grow, ready for whatever the next day brings. Here are just a few simple questions to answer at the end of each day. You can write these answers down in a notebook, on your phone, or you can …

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Making Dreams a Reality

The Question to ask for New Ideas and How to Make Dreams a Reality

“Wouldn’t it be cool if __________?” That’s the question to ask yourself next time you’re craving new ideas, passions, and dreams. Fill in the blank with anything that comes to mind. Nothing is off limits and jot them down in a notebook, on your phone, or make a mental note. The next step is to …

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What really matters to you?

Have you ever feel like you’re living in reactive mode? You approach day-to-day without purpose and just have to react with whatever life throws your way? Are you tired of living in reactive mode and allowing life to choose what to prioritize? If so, I invite you to take simple steps to live mom life …

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