Meal Planning Made Easier

Are you struggling to plan meals to feed your family and tired of calling for take-out too many times to count?

I use Trello, a free tool, to help me plan my meals, and I created a board just for fellow moms! If you’re new to Trello, no worries, as Trello makes it easy to create a free account, and I have included a tutorial video right on the meal planning board explaining how to use the board, such as making grocery lists and utilizing the recipes found on the board.

I have included 15-minute recipes as I know you want to save time in the kitchen so that you have more time for other priorities!

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Ready to learn more about this Meal Planning Made Easier Method? Check out the video below!

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4 thoughts on “Meal Planning Made Easier”

    1. Thanks for sharing. One tip is to think about you and/or your family’s preferred cuisine (American, Italian, Mexican, etc.), then think about meals your family would like with that cuisine. Next, buy these ingredients to always have in stock as an option for when you’re having a busy week or simply because it’s an easy choice. For example, our family likes Italian, so I keep it simple by always having a bag of frozen meatballs in the freezer plus some type of pasta and pasta sauce in the pantry. I can whip together pasta and meatballs in no time! Another tip is to take a look at your calendar to see what you have going on the week ahead (meetings, appointments, sports, date night, etc.) before you decide on a meal plan. Oh, and my top tip is to start small…decide to plan 2 meals out of the whole week, then when you get the hang of planning 2 meals, you can add on, but slow will create more confidence in sustaining a meal planning routine. Best of luck, and please let me know if you have any questions or need anything else!

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