Where’s Your Time Really Going?

When moms come to me asking for help to transform their day-to-day, one of the first steps I have them take is to see where their time is going since I often hear, “I just don’t have enough time in the day for all that’s on my plate.”

Before you hit exit on this blog post, please hear me out. Tracking your time doesn’t have to be a complicated process. You also don’t have to track your time for days on end to get a good picture of where you currently spend your time.

Here are three benefits to tracking your time:

  1. It’s best to know where you are to help create a path for where you’d like to be. It’s like using a GPS when you are about to go on vacation. When you enter the destination, the GPS determines your current location (likely home) and then generates turn-by-turn directions to get you where you’d like to go. If the GPS didn’t know your current location, it would have a very difficult time providing you with the best route to your vacation spot. Taking an inventory of your time will provide a baseline to use when you develop a plan for change.
  2. A time inventory can open your eyes to activities you engage in more frequently than you realize, like scrolling social media, checking your email, watching TV, staring at your phone, etc. I am not saying that you should get rid of these activities! I am saying that some moms find that these activities are taking up more time in their day than is ideal for them. Some moms have no idea just how much time is spent in certain activities, especially since a “quick five minutes” on your phone can turn into 45 minutes.
  3. Tracking your time for 3-5 days can shed light on fluctuations in your day-to-day. Knowing how your days differ, for example Mondays may be different than your typical Thursday, can help you determine how best to time block your weeks. Time blocking is not about creating a strict schedule. Time blocking is a process by which you track your time, identify themes, group themes, and create blocks of time for certain activities during your day. You’ll know what approach to take with time blocking after time tracking for a few days (and after you become familiar with time blocking…set up a FREE strategy call HERE to learn more).

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If you’d like additional information on tracking your time, check out the below video!

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