Showing Ourselves Grace Daily, but Especially When Challenges Come Up

How many of us moms out there have been humming along day after day, not necessarily thriving but at least feeling like you’re able to handle all of your responsibilities, then suddenly a curveball hits us from out of nowhere? I doubt I’m the only one who has faced this scenario, and I’d venture to guess that you have faced this scenario many times times in your life.

What do you do? How have you handled these situations in the past?

No matter how big or small, an unexpected curveball requires some type of action, and I’d like to suggest that the next time you’re faced with an unexpected curveball you keep in mind the following three tips.

  1. Know that the only constant in life is change. Sometimes we don’t know how long a trying season will last, but I encourage you to keep in mind that struggles do not come and set up shop to stay forever, unchanged. Coming from experience, it’s so hard to see out of an especially trying situation in the moment, but looking back these situations are short seasons in my life. I also know that some of my hardest seasons have helped me develop skills, learn important lessons, and grow as a person more than I ever thought possible. I try to find the good in all situations and seek to capture one strength to take with me into the next season.
  2. Something has got to give. If you’re balancing the responsibilities of your day-to-day, and something unexpected gets added to your plate, it’s unrealistic to expect that you can keep giving and doing to the same degree as before the curveball. In order for you to give your time and attention to the unexpected challenge, I encourage you to assess what you can let go of, delegate, or pull back on a bit for the time being. Is there something that will be waiting for you after this challenging season passes? Is there something that truly is not important or urgent for you to do in your life right now that you can remove?
  3. Ask for help. Easier said that done coming from this independent gal, but after trying to face too many challenges on my own in the past, I have come to fully appreciate and embrace the power of asking for help. Not only can others be there to help support you emotionally, but often they are more than willing to help out with responsibilities. Could someone pick up the kids from school? Could your significant other take on more chores? Could your kids help out more with cooking, cleaning, etc.? Could your neighbor take care of your grass and garden? Could you set aside time to chat with girlfriends to get the heavy burden off your chest? Think through all of the responsibilities you could have others take on for this trying season.

Sometimes there’s no way to be prepared for unexpected challenges, but what if there was a way to make it easier to figure out how to shift and pivot to allow for the time and attention the curveball requires?

In order to be proactive when it comes to unexpected challenges, I would encourage you to determine what your core values and priorities are for you in the season of life that you are in.

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Looking for additional insight on showing ourselves grace daily? Check out the video below!

2 thoughts on “Showing Ourselves Grace Daily, but Especially When Challenges Come Up”

  1. This was a good reminder for me to ask for help when I need it. Sometimes I find it easier to do this than others. Realizing that change is always constant is important and really helps me to embrace it. Thank you for the reminder!

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