Top Three Evening Routine Tips

Mornings routines are great, BUT without a solid evening routine, it’s very difficult to make a morning routine stick.

The below list (and video) contains my top three evening routine tips and access to my FREE Evening Routine Checklist:

  1. Have an activity that serves as the bookend to your work day (if you work from home) and/or signifying the end to your home/family responsibilities and start of self-care time for you. Maybe shutting your laptop, plugging it in, and putting on some music ends your work day or maybe a 5- minute connection in each of your kids’ rooms signifies the end to family time and start to you time.
  2. Engage in gentle exercise or stretching to end your day. You could try evening yoga, legs up the wall, a few stretches, or an accupressure mat. You could also include deep breathing and/or mindfulness exercises for added benefit.
  3. Try to avoid excessive blue light at night, such as light from the television, computer, or phone. If you need to use these devices, you could try installing a light blocking app or program or purchasing blue light blocking glasses. Ha, I have some huge orange ones that look ridiculous, but I notice a difference when I wear them!

Are you interested in starting an evening routine that serves you well?

Check out my FREE Evening Routine Checklist by clicking here. I often hear moms telling me that they just want to work on a morning routine, but it’s worth stating again that an ideal morning is nearly impossible without an ideal evening the night before. 

For this reason, I often work with moms on creating a sustainable evening routine before working on a morning routine.  This evening routine checklist helps set the foundation for quality rest through focusing on two main components of health: physical health and mental/spiritual health.  The checklist includes a progress tracker and weekly check-in to create an ideal evening routine that lasts!

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    1. You’re welcome! It sure is hard. I give myself grace, for sure, though (and put on my ridiculous “stunner shades” aka big orange blue light blocking glasses from Amazon when I want to do something with technology close to bedtime!).

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