Top 20 Time-Saving Tips for Moms

Have you ever wanted hacks to make mom life easier?  Well, today is your day because I’ve compiled a list of 20 Mom Hacks to save you time (and in some cases, money)!

Without further ado, here are 20 Mom Hacks (also detailed in the video below):

  1. After washing fruit, place in a clear container and put a folded paper towel on top. Close the lid tightly and place upside down in the fridge to absorb moisture and have fruit last longer.
  2. Bathe your baby in a laundry basket in the bathtub.
  3. Create a “no-pressure” veggie opportunity by cutting up veggies before dinner for potential snacking; try adding a dip if your kids like dips.
  4. Create an “oops” kit for the vehicle and include the following: extra change of clothing for each family member in separate grocery bags (don’t forget to change for each season); wet wipes; some cash, a few non-perishable snacks, flashlight, blanket, and first aid kit.
  5. Cut up kids’ food with kitchen shears instead of knives to save time.
  6. Freeze marshmallows in a bag for the next “ice” pack; ultimate fun booboo helper.
  7. Give your child choices. The power of three comes in handy.  Choose between three snacks, three shirts, three time limits, three cups, etc.  Allowing them choice in most matters is powerful, and you create boundaries by limiting the choices to three.
  8. Have kids put their dirty socks in a basket by the door when they take their shoes off; take it a step further by using a small trash can (or cereal container) for each kid and line with a mesh laundry bag. Simply grab the bags on laundry day and wash in the bags to keep socks separate.  Be gone Sock Monster!
  9. Implement 10-minute family pick-ups; these pick-ups are perfect during transition times between activities and after dinner. Put on some upbeat music, set a timer, dance around picking up the mess together.  Teamwork makes the dream work.
  10. Instead of buying birthday cards, purchase some colorful cardstock and have your kids create the cards. These cards add a special touch and save you money!
  11. Keep an empty storage container in your kids’ closets. When a piece of clothing becomes too small, just quickly fold the clothing item and store in the container.  When the tub is full, just put the lid on it, label the age, then take it to your storage area.  Place a new empty container in its place.
  12. Layer the crib with a mattress pad, then fitted sheet, followed by another mattress pad and fitted sheet. Makes it easy to handle messes in the night.
  13. Light extenders and faucet extenders for increased independence.
  14. Limit your priority list to three. Three priorities for the day and three priorities for the week.  Give yourself a head start by writing down these three priorities the night before.
  15. Mail extra artwork to grandparents (+ other loved ones).
  16. Rotate toys so that kids experience the excitement of “new” toys. Fill up 3-4 bins with toys, store them in a closet, and quarterly (or whatever timeframe works best for you) take out the bins.  It’s even easier if you have bins in your kids play area; buy extra of the same size bins or containers and simply switch out the bins.
  17. Shower caddy in the car for supplies (diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, tissues, napkins, grocery bags, etc.); bonus that one compartment usually fits a large water bottle that won’t fit in your vehicle’s cupholder.
  18. Use a visual timer (bonus if there’s red marking showing how much time is left and animals connected to each time increment) for loads of activities and transition times.
  19. When your kids are expressing big feelings, validation is a helpful tool. Try saying, “I see that you’re __________ (name the feeling and why you think they feel that way, if you know).
  20. Whether they express it or not, kids thrive when boundaries are present. Note boundaries ahead of time, and when they cross a boundary, say, “I can’t let you ___________.”

Do you see any of the above hacks that you’re excited to implement?  I hope you try them out soon so you’ll be well on your way to saving precious time.  Take that precious time saved and dedicate it toward what matters most to you!

Looking for more time-saving tips?  Check out the More for Moms Rescue Bundle HERE that includes 104 Mom Hacks and more to help you make mom life easier!

Happy Time-Saving!


20 thoughts on “Top 20 Time-Saving Tips for Moms”

  1. Using a shower caddy in the car for extra supplies is so smart! I have extra diapers and wipes in there and they just move around constantly. I will definitely be doing that!

  2. I have an “oops kit” wherever I go! Love it. I’ve never tried the shower caddy in the car or the marshmallows in the freezer, so I’ll definitely have to try those out!

  3. These are some great tips. I use some of these but haven’t heard of lots of them. I love the marshmallow and 10-minute family pick-up ones. Need to try them!

  4. MentalMillennialMom

    I absolutely loved these mom hacks. I had not thought of most of them but I am sure they will save so much time, money, and help make life easier.

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