Goal Check-In

Goals Check-In

Is it time for you to check in on the goals you made for yourself? First off, let’s review three components of a goal.

  • I am 100% committed to ________________ (the specific goal).
  • I care about this goal because _____________ (thought or emotion behind the goal).
  • I will achieve this goal by __________________ (action, which can include end date and small steps to take leading toward the goal).

Now, let’s check in on the goals.

First, remember your why behind the goal. Why did you set out to achieve a certain goal in the first place? Is that still your motivation behind the goal?

IMPORTANT REMINDER: When people fail to achieve their goals, they sometimes blame it on not having a strong or big enough why, BUT quite often this is simply not true. The why behind your goals are usually very valid and very strong. There are many reasons why a goal is not achieved, but it’s unlikely due to your why. As a mom, this fact is important to remember, especially since sometimes the why behind goals could be your children.

One reason for not achieving a goal is not having a plan in place. You may say you want to lose fifteen pounds and you set a date to achieve the goal, but then you just take each day as it comes without a plan for how you’ll achieve the weight loss goal. When you break your goal into small, manageable chunks, the goal can feel more attainable, and you have small steps you can take along the way toward achieving that ultimate goal.

Reflecting on the time between when you set the goal and now is the next step. Here are some questions to ask:

  • What have you accomplished?
  • Do you have data to look at for key metrics?  Weight loss?  Debt payoff?  Revenue goals?  Numbers can provide us with concrete evidence.
  • Can you pinpoint a time or circumstance where you lost momentum?
  • Are the goals you set still important to you?

For more information on the above steps and insight on assessing your current state and how to move forward toward crushing your goals, check out the below video for more information!

After the check in, you’re ready to take action each and every week to make progress! Grab this FREE Weekly Planner HERE to help you to easily plan your weeks, make progress on goals, and prioritize based on what’s most important! This planner is quickly becoming my most popular free resource.

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