Daily Reflections

Simple questions to reflect on your day using an easy strategy that will help you learn and grow, ready for whatever the next day brings.

Here are just a few simple questions to answer at the end of each day. You can write these answers down in a notebook, on your phone, or you can just think through them.

  1. What three things am I grateful for today? It helps to actively seek out things to be grateful for throughout the day so that you have already taken mental note of them and you’ve got them ready for your nightly reflection.
  2. What went well today?
  3. What didn’t go so well today? Do you know why? Try to take on the role of an observer, like a scientist simply assessing the facts. I know it can be easier said than done, but the more you practice observing, the easier it will become.
  4. What one action can you take to improve tomorrow?

For more details regarding the above process, check out the below video!

My top tip is to add this reflection to your evening routine. Need help with an evening routine? This checklist and tracker will help you get started on that ideal evening you dream of having! https://go.kerrithompson.com/eveningroutinechecklist

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