What really matters to you?

Have you ever feel like you’re living in reactive mode? You approach day-to-day without purpose and just have to react with whatever life throws your way? Are you tired of living in reactive mode and allowing life to choose what to prioritize?

If so, I invite you to take simple steps to live mom life more intentionally. One important step in this process is to identify what matters most to you. These are your core values. You can then use your core values to determine how to spend your days so that your actions and core values align. Living a life aligned with matters most to you is so freeing and invites more joy and purpose into your journey as a mom, partner, friend, woman, and all the other roles in your life.

Here are the benefits you’ll find by identifying your core values:

  • Purpose in life.  Figure out what drives you and motivates you to live out your purpose based on your core values.
  • Influences our behavior.  Helps you behave in a way that aligns with who you want to be.
  • Helpful in making tough decisions.  Think about what decision a person would make who values ______ (insert your core values).
  • Build confidence.  Knowing what you want in life and what’s most important to you can bring a sense of safety and stability as actions you take can come from this strong foundation of values.
  • Weed out clutter.  If you know your core values, and something is taking up mental space that doesn’t align with these values, it’s time to weed it out!

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If you’d like additional information on identifying what really matters to you, check out the video below!

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