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Have you been hoping to start a fitness routine or improve upon the routine you have?  This blog post (or video) is for you! Why wait until the new year? Why not just start now?  That doesn’t mean hopping into an intense workout when workouts have been non-existent.  Start small and build!  Also, as we talk about various routines, it’s important to talk about ways to make routines easier!  

Now let me tell you about how I made my life easier on the fitness front! Prior to my positions in PR and most-recently Public Health, I was a wellness manager and regularly developed health/fitness plans as a Certified Personal Trainer as part of that job.  I thought that since I had such a wealth of fitness knowledge that I needed to spend time creating my own fitness routines and calendars.  Knowing that I have consistently worked out 5-6x a week for as long as I can remember (it’s my ultimate self-care outlet!), it was a time-consuming process creating my monthly fitness plans!  I reached a point where I knew I needed to let go of my stubborn “I know fitness and should create my own plan” mindset and decided to make it EASY!  I found Nourish Move Love, and I’ve never looked back!  She’s kind, knowledgeable, faith-centered, challenging, a fellow mom to littles, and just what my body and mind needed.  

I subscribed to her email list, and every Sunday she sends the workouts for the week.  I simply click on the workout, open the YouTube version up, and project it onto my TV.  I do it and don’t have to think about what muscles I worked recently, what type of workout to choose from, etc.  I simply follow her calendar, and the best part is that it’s all FREE!!  She has so much variety in her workouts (HIIT, barre, strength using dumbbells, strength using fitness bands, bodyweight strength, cardio, yoga, and the list goes on!).  In addition, I like to add in some yoga in the evenings, and my #1 go to source is Yoga with Adriene; she has a free clickable monthly calendar!  I simply click on the day, and it takes me to the video on YouTube.  I love not having to pay for such high quality fitness videos that offer tons of variety.

A pro tip if you can find them is using Power Blocks instead of multiple sets of dumbbells; I know it’s difficult to find any dumbbells these days, so just use what you have!  It was the best Mother’s Day gift from my husband.  Power Blocks are essentially one large set of dumbbells that you can change the weight on using a pin.  It’s eight sets of dumbbells in one compact pair!  Don’t have dumbbells?  Find cans, water jugs, your kid (ha), or anything throughout your house that would add weight until you choose to purchase some.  Lindsey, the gal behind Nourish Move Love, typically uses 10-, 12-, and 15-lb dumbbells for her strength workouts and 3- and 5-lb weights for the barre and power yoga workouts.  You can still use her workouts even if you don’t have or want to use weights!

By letting go of the mentality that I had to develop my own fitness regimen, I was able to find time for other interests, save precious mental energy I needed for other tasks, and the best part is I feel stronger than I ever have in the many years I’ve been working out.

Are there areas in your life you need to just let go and have someone else take care of it for you to free up some space?  Find what that is, and if it’s taking up unnecessary space in your mind, find a way to make it happen!  It might very well be a simple change.  For me, it was a simple click to subscribe to an email list I never knew would have such a profound impact on my physical and mental health!

Happy routine-building, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you feel stuck!  I can help you build and sustain many routines, from fitness routines to morning, evening, and after-school routines.  It’s my pleasure to help your days and weeks run more smoothly!

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